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Day 138, 139, and 140 of gratitude! Plus, Snow storm bonus.

Pre snow storm (Friday):
I'm grateful for really quick trips to the grocery store at 5pm on a Friday the day before a huge snow storm. Around here, if I leave to go to the store most days anywhere near 5 I'm looking at a good 45-60min round trip for a "quick stop" at the store. We were there and back in less than 15 minutes.

I'm grateful for my husband for going out in shifts during the storm to keep the snow low, so we had very little to do today (in comparison- I was still out there for 2 hours today). 

I'm grateful for strong legs and arms, and kicking major *ss shoveling and then taking our dog for a jog (I haven't jogged in an embarrassingly long period of time).

I'm grateful for creating safe spaces for myself to process and for long term friendships that ARE ACTUALLY safe spaces for me to be who I am without judgement, but not only that.....being celebrated for who I am!!! Thanks R ❤️

I'm grateful for the beautiful lessons of snowstorm energy (yes, there is a different energy just like everything else) and the awareness of it. It was somewhat painful, but I stuck with it. 

My beautiful boy who wouldn't keep his gloves on, but screamed bloody murder because he hands were cold. 

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