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Day 136 & 137 of gratitude & Petroleum Food Dyes and Your Health

I'll be honest, I don't even remember the details of yesterday to remember what I was grateful for exactly. I can guess since I was thinking just moments ago how it's been nice this week that Alex is really all of a sudden being affectionate. He's always been a snuggler and I've had the random kisses here and there, and more often hugs. Even raspberry kisses in spurts.  But this week, every single night before bedtime, he gives me repeated kisses and hugs and doesn't want to let go. I love it so so much! 

Today I'm grateful for being very conscious of how I like to eat when I'm relaxed vs. how I eat when I'm hurried and have agendas all day long (so really being with the flow vs. acting as though I'm in control). When I'm relaxed I graze in very small amounts about 6 times a day and eat much less. When I try to structure meals I eat more at one sitting and definitely more throughout the day. Even though I give props to healthy eating choices 90% of the time, I can say I eat even healthier when relaxed. Lighter. 

What are you grateful for each day? I'd love for you to share in the comments below. 

I'm also compelled to share this link about petroleum food dyes because I know many people still use petroleum products on their kids and in their families. Please reconsider this as you become more aware of your own health and all the choices you make. It matters. I like this gal's information because it's very thorough on the subject. Check out 10 Places Petroleum Food Dyes Hide in Your Home here:

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