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Day 134 and 135 of gratitude!!!

Yesterday, it came full circle, as far as my awareness of the lesson goes. I'm grateful for all the (there have been 3 over the last 6 years) friends who've walked away because I was "too negative, too angry, too much, too communicative"! It's because of them that I have become the best friend to myself I've always wanted. It's because of them that I have myself walked away from people who weren't serving me, growing me, or "making" me happy (no one can make me feel any which way). And it's because of them that I see red flags way sooner now. So, to the friends who weren't capable , at the time, of holding space for me, thank you for helping me learn! I'm thankful for your presence in my life for the time you were there. 

As for today, I'm grateful the day is over and I stole away some time just for me. I need the recharge often to stay on top of my game. And power naps are under rated. I took a 20 minute one today since I was exhausted from 3 hours of sleep I got last night (teething!!!), and it recharged me to bust out all my afternoon activities in a way I didn't expect. 

Verbosely yours, 
Joanna Rose 😜




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