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Cow Spirit Animal and Discovering Patterns in my Narcissistic Parent

Written 1 month to the day before my Mom passed and the start of me learning how to mother myself and how to be a more loving and connected mother to my son. I'm learning now my Mom did not mother me, and it's why I struggle so much with female friendships

February 19, 2016

What, you say? What on earth does a cow have to do with a narcissist parent? And why should anyone care how the two are related? 

I am finding myself in a place of great insight right now about how my narcissist father impacted my life and the lessons from him taught me how to love myself and others even more. Weird I know, and going into that here and now is not the time as I am still sorting through the patterns. 

I was on a walk today and took some pictures of beautiful items that caught my eye. As I was playing with one of the photos in my editor I saw, clear as anything, a cows face. Have you ever heard of animal spirits, totems, or animal symbolism? Many cultures have their own version depicting qualities of animals and how they communicate information to those who can animal (or nature) speak. I have been fascinated with this for years and found many of the animals who "speak" to me show me new information about where I am in my growth or on my spiritual path. 

Here's what cow means:

Among gentleness, feminine energy, fertility, and new beginnings (all of which are themes I can pick up in other areas right now) I found written "New beginnings are also an appropriate theme associated with cows in conjunction with their maternal auras. Through their pregnancy, birth, nourishment to their offspring, and ultimate bodily gifts, cows show the entire life cycle in its bittersweet beauty from start to finish." 

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