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Joanna Rose Health and Wellness


About the Whole Foods Cleanse:

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for running a Cleanse in May!!! Two weeks into it, I've lost 16 pounds, feel more alert, more vibrant, no heartburn, and generally better!!! Can't wait to finish the next two weeks! I appreciate the support and knowledge you have shared!!!!!!"

and then....

"Today is the last day of my 4 weeks. Im down a total of 27 pounds, and am lighter than my pre-baby weight! Ive really enjoyed the cleanse and haven't missed anything I cut out. My skin is happier, my innards are happier, I am mentally happier! Thank you so much for doing this Joanna! I won't go back to eating the garbage I was! I would feed everything on this to my baby, and that's my new rule- if I wouldn't feed it to her, I won't feed it to myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"

Amy Exner, Baltimore MD

"Today marks my Day30 of cleansing . I am so very proud of myself for setting my mind to this and doing it ! I have lost 15 pounds and my over all health is better ! I have learned so much that I will deff be continuing these great habits . For the first time in my life sugar cravings just aren't an issue . Thank you Joanna Rose for all of your teachings and support through out this and the entire last year ! You have changed my emotional and physical health for the better."

Heather Henry, Spring Grove, PA

"The skin issues I've been dealing with for years is almost gone! I can stop going to my dermatologist."

Anonymous, York PA

About the Women's Circle:

"The women's group last night was awesome! Thank you, Joanna Rose, for your loving listening ears, your compassion and our common bonds! Life is full of surprises and unexpected pleasures, twists and turns...and to be able to discuss things in a positive, supportive manner is priceless."

Gail Armstrong, York PA

"Since joining the Women's Circle, I have learned to be more responsible of my reactions to stress and conflict. I've become more settled and less temperamental. I've learned to pinpoint where my reactions affect me physically. I'm so much more aware of me and I how I choose to respond or not respond to conflict. Having different perspectives and loving honesty to those things I needed to grow out of has healed me beyond my expectations."

Kat Frederick, York PA

"I just had to thank you for lessons and advice during women's group. It came in handy this weekend and gave me power to stand up for myself. I felt so very powerful and good to stand up and speak my truth. Before having those nights with you I would have never had the courage to do that. Thank you xoxo"

Anonymous, York PA

About Workshops and other events:

"Thanks Joanna Rose and Matt, for a very informative and fun herb workshop today at Simplicity"

Donna, Owner at Simplicity, 4/28/2013

"Absolutely loved the seminar tonight. It was good to see things from a different point of view than I have ever looked at them!"

Jodi Thomas, regarding Sugar Blues lecture 1/29/2013

About One on One:

I have to say Joanna, I am just floored by the clarity your (energy) session gave me. I feel a sense of peace in a way I haven't in so long....maybe ever. I would really like to make this a priority in my life and my husband is on board for me coming back. I had some powerful visions during the energy work and I believe some deep healing was started that I'd like to see worked through more.

Alison H., Shrewsbury, PA

"I started working with Joanna Rose because i wanted to get healthier: lose weight, address anxiety, and improve lymphodemia in my legs. Prior to meeting Joanna I had 3 leg infections in six months, which means 3 trips to the hospital. I'm learning to heal myself emtionally and physically. I've lost weight and eat better than ever! I control my anxiety with meditation, and best of all I haven't had a leg infection in 6 months!"

Heather Henry, Shrewsbury, PA

"I had such a wonderful energy session with the fabulous Joanna Rose. I could feel all the negative energy coming out of me. It was fabulous and freeing, I slept like a rock all night. I recommend her highly. Yes I am going back again next month."

Casey Gallagher, York, PA ~ after receiving energy work

"Joanna Rose helped me learn how to put myself first and let go of the things that do not serve me. Without her guidance I wouldn't have found the courage to stand up for what I want for my life without having an anxiety attack. She is very insightful and her energy has a calming effect on me. Her Women's Circle helped me to feel more connected to other women and to understand that I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much for everything." 

Nichole Gipe, Hanover, PA

"Before beginning my sessions with Joanna, I felt lost and didn’t feel good about myself. My six month program with Joanna was very educational and uplifting. It was great to work with someone so dedicated to helping others. She guided me through my journey of becoming healthy and reviewing events in my life that needed to be changed. I look forward to using what I have learned from her to keep growing and making sure I make time for myself. It’s important to take time for YOU and that was one of the biggest thing I walked away with. Thank you Joanna!!!" 

Pam Jeddry, Baltimore, MD

"You truly helped me find myself and guide me through handling relationships, disappointments, anger outbursts and most importantly my self-esteem ......You helped me out of a dark depressing time and ever so thankful that I spent the time with you."

Anonymous, York PA

"Thanks to Joanna I have learned about awareness of my reactions to certain situations and how it can trigger specific health issues I am having. She has also taught me how certain foods can help my well-being and how certain foods can cause some health problems I am experiencing. My journey with Joanna has helped decrease my panic attacks, anxiety and improve my overall well-being."

Kim Goff, Hanover, PA

"I always felt comfortable talking to Joanna Rose about anything and never felt judged. I love the energy healing sessions after our talks. Her advice was great and it saved my marriage. I recommend Joanna Rose to anyone who needs help gaining the freedom to be happy regardless of the actions of those around us!"

Misty Weaver, York, PA