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Taking The Power Back- One Minute at a Time

Posted on July 27, 2014 Taking Power Back One Minute at a Time

This month has been one of the most challenging I have had in a long time. Is it the pregnancy hormones? Maybe I am being asked to revisit past “triggers” to get it all out of my system before the baby comes or maybe I am just peeling away one more layer of the onion. Whatever it is, I really had to pull out the big guns (wellness tools) that I hadn’t used in a while and dig deep for some of what came up for me. From body image insecurities to feeling disconnected from my family and friends to ridiculous expectations placed on myself and others....the “fun” seemed it had no end. As soon as one issue was conquered another one would come from a different direction not allowing me to gain my footing. Or so it seemed at the time it was happening. Isn’t it funny how when in the moment of reacting (even if it’s just internally) the whole world seems to stop and everything feels so intense? But then, once that moment is over and looking back it is really easy to see how small and minor that instant was in the grand scheme of life? I found myself laughing about that several times this month.....just after crying about how awful everything felt. Ok, so maybe IT IS the pregnancy hormones...point is...

Your emotions are not permanent and they definitely are NOT wrong or crazy or unimportant, but they are fleeting and you are meant to acknowledge them to gain knowledge. Think of emotions as wisdom from your heart. Emotions are indicators of something more that begs you to take a deeper look at what they may signify. If you don’t, they tend to become stronger or morph into other emotions (repressed anger is depression) and ignored over a period of time can turn into walls to keep others outs, cynicism, judging others, thwarting your goals and good intentions, and more. The list goes on.

1. Acceptance
2. Acknowledgement
3. Making a choice to decide how you’re going to respond

Are happy people always happy? NO!! What’s the difference between happy thriving people and those who are stuck and not accomplishing what they want? Simply that the ones who are thriving and happy are able to move through the process of healing and use their energy towards what their dreams are whether that be family, career, art. 

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