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Joanna Rose Health and Wellness

Wellness Tips From A Newborn

Posted on July 27, 2014

Wellness Tips I Learned From a Newborn

A more accurate title would read "RELEARNED" because all of these tips I have known before now. I almost didn't post this because they seem so elementary, but it was pointed out to me that even though that may be the case it is still good to be reminded of these tips from time to time. I certainly needed to be reminded during what will now be referred to as the most crazy, wonderful, mindblowing time of my life....those first months after my son was born. These tips hold true whether you're a new mama, grandmama, or a just want to improve your quality of life.

So now, I bring you...lessons I relearned from my newborn son. 

  1. Live in the now!There is no time like the present and if you don't jump on it now, babe's nap time will end and the moment will have been lost. We've all heard it before and it's'll regret more of what you don't do than what you actually do, so get to it!

  2. Take naps when you're tired.If you listen to your body when it lets you know you need a nap, you'll become more aware of its other messages. Besides, proper rest is good for the adrenals and by allowing yourself some down time you'll be more energetic as you go through the remainder of your day.

  3. Sing everyday.You cannot be frustrated or in a rush when you're singing.

  4. Slow down.Do you realize all of life can be treated like a meditation? Do one task

    at a time and bring all your awareness to just that one task. Creating space between

    tasks is helpful too.

  5. Be grateful for everything, especially the small stuff.Before having a newborn, I took

    for granted things like eating with both hands; sleeping for more than 23 hour

    increments at one time; clean clothes and bedsheets.

  6. Be flexible.A plan for the day/week/month is great, but remain flexible, so when

    "obstacles" arise you can move around them with ease. Sometimes "obstacles" are

    really blessings, so flexible thinking is needed.

  7. If it means something to you, write it down.This last one's bite hurt the most since I

    thought of so many of these tips while nursing, rocking, or comforting and I never wrote them down. I think I had over 25 at one time, but because I didn't write them down I now have 7. 

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