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Energetic Imprints


Posted on December 7, 2013

In last month’s blog, we talked about unconscious thoughts, resistance, and self sabotage. December’s focus is on "Energetic Imprints on our Mind, Body, and Spirit and How They Affect Our Life" 

What do we mean by energetic imprints? 

Specifically, I am talking about events and situations (as well as interactions with key people in our life) leaving an imprint, not just in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, but also in our energy field. Would you agree that someone whose suffered a trauma (let’s say abuse) most of their life might have overactive adrenals, leading them to jump at any sudden noise or movement in their surrounding environment? How about the likelihood of being able to trust those around them whole-heartedly or becoming emotional when they witness others being abused? These are examples of how the body, mind, and emotions can hold imprints that can affect a traumatized person throughout their life. Before moving on to energetic imprints, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page here. The human energy field....have you heard of it?

Fellow practitioners, Heart of Healing, summarized it well, so here is their description of the human energy field:
The “aura” or “human energy field” is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates the body. The aura underlies and supports the functioning of the body. Contained within the aura are the energetic aspects of every structure and function of the body, as well as everything that we experience (physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, etc.).

Energy flows through the energy field through fine channels, or nadis, which are themselves composed of energy. Where many nadis cross, energy centers (or “chakras”) are formed. As major “hubs” of energy distribution, the chakras direct the energy which vitalizes the nerves and glands and ultimately all of the structures of the body. Models of the energy field describe layers or subtle energy bodies in its structure.

It is through the energy field that we are connected with everyone and everything else that exists. Some discussions of the energy field involve energies associated with the body which have actually been measured (see Oschman, James L., Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis).

See more at: T9DT.dpuf

So, the human energy field encompasses everything from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. What does this mean regarding imprints? Using the above example of an abuse victim, let’s say we attempt or do heal the physical by balancing the adrenals and we heal the mental and emotional by going through traditional therapy. What becomes of the spiritual imprints left behind by the abuse? 

I believe it keeps the effects of the trauma going. How? Here are ways imprints left in your energy field can affect your life:

1. You will continue attracting people and/or situations to you that may not be healthy.

2. You harbor irrational or unhealthy thoughts.

3. No matter how hard you try you’re not reaching your goals.

4. You’re doing everything nutritionally “right” for you, but your physical problems still persist.

5. You feel foggy, tired, and unhappy much too often.

So, what can you do if you think you’re energy field is in need of some attention? Besides of course, working through mental, emotional, and physical health blocks....You can:

Refer to last month's blog. 

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