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Resistance As Teacher

From July 2012

Resistance. Where does it come from and what does it mean? I’ve been struggling with this recently, and am finding it’s easier to help someone else with their resistance than my own, which in and of itself, is resistance. Ha!
After quieting my mind, and sitting with myself for some time under my favorite tree I came up with

Maybe resistance is part of my shadow side. After all, where i am right now (co-creating a new reality with spirit and The Goddess and free from a job that is soul sucking) is exactly where I said I wanted to be. I have been given the exact scenario I asked for, so why is each day a struggle?
My light side is hard working, optimistic, powerful, and full of energy. This darker side is giving me “what if’s” and “buts”, slovenly, and would rather procrastinate and forget the work. Fact is, both the light and dark sides of me is what makes me whole, so it’s all of these parts that co-creates. I ask for the lesson....what is the point or what can I learn from the shadow?

1. I learn to slow down and give myself time to play. 

  1. I learn to dedicate so many hours a day to work (something realistic that feels good for me), so that the rest of the day I can play, interact, communicate, be creative, or whatever I wish.

  2. I learn to look the shadow in the eye and do the work anyway, so as to build strength and the confidence toovercome. Lean into the fear, so to speak.

I read somewhere once that the shadow chooses the path of least resistance, and the light is who we really are and following that path can be challenging, but full of growth. In school, we learned there are only two emotions: love and fear. So, our light is love and the shadow is fear.
So, resistance is fear. Fear of what? That is the question that makes it worth everything to really dig

down deep to find the answers. Because without knowing the underlying thoughts that make that fear real, we can’t change them.
Each day I lean into the fear a little more and sometimes I leap, which causes me to make quick decisions I might otherwise have taken months to make. I used to think this was negative, but I have since realized that I either progress quickly or I learn a good lesson. That makes taking leaps well worth it.

Here are some examples of resistance to help you identify the shadow in your life:

  • ●  making plans and looking forward to them, but when the times approaches you suddenly

    “don't feel” like going

  • ●  inability to take actions steps towards your goals (no matter how big or small)

  • ●  making excuses (ex: “It’s too hot or cold to be physically active today”)

  • ●  procrastination (ex: “I’ll do it later” and when later comes it can always be done later)

  • ●  not wanting to leave your comfort zone or contemplate new perspectives (ex: “My way is the ONLY and right way)

  • ●  focusing on other people’s problems instead of your own (distraction)

  • ●  keeping yourself consistently busy (distraction)

  • ●  clinging to people/relationships (again, a distraction technique)

  • ●  being hard on yourself (this creates a horrible cycle that prevents us from achieving anything)

  • ●  continuously cancelling appointments for those activities which help you in some way

  • ●  refusal to feel your feelings

  • ●  “forgetting” to do activities (all of us forget from time to time, but if this happens often you may want to consider that)

  • ●  self sabotage (this will be a blog topic soon)
    What other examples can you identify? Are you ready to lean into fear, or leap into the awesome life that awaits you? 

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