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Finding Your Own Rhythm

  1. July 17, 2012

    Finding your own rhythm.
    Are you aware that all the answers to any and of all of life’s lessons (”problems”) are already within you? So, you have anxiety or high cholesterol or cancer, or any other number of disease. Did you know that you’re so powerful you have the ability 
    to heal them all? Are you aware that this disease may be a way to discover what your heart and body has been trying to tell you for years?

    Nature has its own rhythm. Think about it, know just when to bloom, trees know just when to change color or let go of their leaves, clouds know when they are full and we are blessed with rain. Salmon instinctively go on their 2,000+ mile journey and undergo so many adaptations along the way, and then return to their birthplace to lay eggs. They don’t think about doing it. They just do it. There are millions of examples of this and way too many to list here. What makes us any different? Well, for one, our “rational” (or irrational, at times) minds...... We can blame as much as we’d like on society for being the way it is, but really, it’s your life, so take steps to change it! If all of us did this wouldn’t we as a whole change?

    Many of us are stuck in our heads all day...agonizing, thinking, and playing out how situations in our life might go. In the meantime, our hearts and bodies are vying for our attention and if ignored you can be sure the signals will get louder and more the form of disease or at the very least your well-being will suffer. Proof of this lies in the pudding of life. Let’s take stress, for example. It’s well- known that, left untreated, stress will cause headaches, upset stomach, sleep disturbances, lowered sex drive, anxiety, irritability, change in eating patterns (over and under eating), among many other symptoms. Stress is also linked to heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Many people live with these experiences and instead of addressing the cause of the stress and implementing self care, they reach for prescription or recreational drugs, alcohol, or food. If you were really aware of your body, you’d have noticed the stress symptoms when they began as increased heart rate, clenched teeth, aching neck and shoulders, or your churning stomach.

    What can we do now to help ourselves and start to get in touch with our own inner knowing?
    - SLOW DOWN!!!!! Stop planning so much. Spend time with yourself often.
    - get out of your head by doing a body meditation

    - pay attention to your body and give it what it needs (rest, activity, massage, healthy food, water, etc)

    Once we slow down and really listen to ourselves we find our rhythm. It may not be the same as your neighbor, friend, or husband/wife. That’s ok! Trust that nature knows what it’s doing. You’re a part of nature, and the more that is recognized the more it’s obvious that life happens on its own terms....not by our timeline. The beauty of it is once we get into our rhythm we enter into a state of flow. Oh beautiful flow!

    On a personal note- I’m given looks of confusion when I talk about these issues given what I do. My role as Healer/Health coach is not to cure or heal anyone. My role is to assist and empower others to find their own wisdom and truth. I offer support and tools to help you along the journey (receiving energy/Reiki feels wonderful too and will help you with your symptoms and will keep your energy field healthy), and some of what I suggest you may not agree with, and that’s OKAY. As with everything and everyone, take what I say that resonates with you and toss the rest that doesn’t make sense for YOU. 

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