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Getting Back In the Driver's Seat

May 25, 2012- Getting Back in the Drivers Seat

Being kind and gentle with ourselves.... Unfortunately, at times we think we’re doing it, but we’re not. We find this out once we go deeper into our emotions. We wonder why we feel so down in the dumps or why we can’t seem to find the motivation to work on our “to do” list or our dream list, for that matter. Then, as we delve into the thoughts behind our feelings we find that it’s because what we really want to do is sleep or play, or make connections with others. Maybe we just want to sit and be....Instead we’re bullying ourselves into doing what “has” to get done. Rather than changing our life and making less money to afford more down time, or finding what we love and succeeding with it to make plenty for for living and fun,we’re sabotaging our health, our life, and the planet. This is NOT being kind and gentle.

The lifestyle structure for most is DO, DO, DO and the more we accomplish the better we feel about ourselves. Well sort of, or maybe temporarily, but not in the long run. Over time, if we’re getting our “goodies” from doing and NOT creating (which of course stems from within) than it generally leads to being overly tired and run down (though some of us wouldn’t know it because that’s how we’ve lived most of our lives, so it’s “normal”). What would happen if you stopped DOING, and instead began creating where your life is going? Really digging down and finding out what it is that gives your heart and soul so much joy that you jump out of bed in the morning because you’re so excited to start the day. What if , instead of waking up in the morning and saying “what has to get done today?”, you began the day with “what do I feel inspired to do today?”. This was actually a scary concept to me a few months ago, but since having the opportunity to start anew, it’s the new way I’m approaching life.

How do you create your life? Are you inspired? Be kind to yourself today and every day. Stop when your body wants rest, fill your body with healthy life-giving foods, enjoy a laugh with a loved one, and give yourself a HUG!


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