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Day 114-121 of Gratitude and checking in.....

Happy 2016!!!!

For those of you who are picking up here and haven't been following me on Facebook, I started a daily gratitude post because I needed to turn things around for myself (body, mind, and spirit) fast after my son was born. Call it post Partum, call it low thyroid, call it old demons coming back to bite me....whatever! I was spiraling and remembered what helped me turn things around years back in my journey. 

So, without further hesitation here are days I missed up through today (mostly because I didn't want to sign on to Facebook and then deal with the barrage of meaningless notifications, etc.)......

I am grateful that no matter where I am on my path I don't look up or down to anyone. Just because I've been at it for as long as I have doesn't mean I don't have work to do. I'm under the impression the inner work never stops and that's great because life "all figured out" would sure be boring!!

I'm grateful I have myself by my side. I'm my own best friend and two very capable hands and feet to take me and do with whatever I choose! What's that Dr. Seuss book? 

I'm grateful for the safe space I give myself. It's not found in a specific place or within relationships to another (though it can manifest that way only once we have it with ourselves). I'm grateful for those relationships where it has and continues to manifest. 

I'm grateful for a very present holiday with all my family-  blood, married, and chosen. All years before Alex I still drank or overate on holidays to compensate for the shit storm going on in my head at family gatherings. Last year my babe took the spotlight (who am I kidding, he's always going to because he's got the personality and light), so that was what I chose to focus on. I was pretty much a basket case last year this time, so this year felt very raw, but I stuck with it. Fuck yes!!!

I'm grateful for whispers of new beginnings. 

I'm grateful for the abundance that continues to bless my life in all ways.

I'm grateful to speak and respond thoroughly and with as many words as I choose because I can and its part of me that I love. 

I'm grateful to love parts of me others and the old me used to find to be a "real turn off".

I'm grateful for taking the time (almost) daily to just be witness to the beauty and light that is my son. 

More later!!!

If you want to continue seeing these sign up above (where it mentions health tips and recipes). I have many ways in which I could communicate publicly and I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me. 

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