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Slow and Steady

Posted on February 17, 2015 What does Slow and Steady mean?


What a difference a month makes! I am realizing now I was being asked (by my inner guidance) to begin again. That is, balancing and supporting my adrenals (and now thyroid); taking it slow and steady; reviewing and tweaking my routine; and letting go of what is no longer serving me: the relationships that give me nothing in return or that do not allow open communication, the food that keeps me stuck, and unnecessary possessions that prevent movement. I was so deep in hormone imbalance that I did not realize I had all the tools at my fingertips, but wasn’t utilizing them. Also, I really do believe we all, in some way, need support making changes at times. So, I got myself another healer and here I am one month later and I am feeling like a new woman!

I’m asked time and again about the slow and steady. Does it mean I sit back and do nothing? Absolutely not! It means not overbooking my schedule, getting back to daily yoga, paying close attention to my thoughts and feelings, taking the time to communicate with both myself and others about what’s really important, dreaming, being present, and opening my heart more to the possibilities. I cut back on social interaction, and not because I don’t like it, but because it uses up a lot of my energy that I’d prefer go towards making actual changes instead of getting caught up in another’s story. Slowing down means disconnecting from the outside world as much as I can and tending to myself lovingly. Now that I’m a Mama that’s even more important than ever!

Part of the “return to the beginning” is asking me to bring back more meditation. That’s something I lost in the last year. Partly because of my new role as a Mama, but mostly because I wasn’t feeling myself and let it go. In the past, I always wanted to hold a meditation series, so I am. The 4th Monday of each month is now deemed Meditation Mondays! The first one is coming up on February 23rd.

If you’ve never meditated, but are interested or have meditated, but aren’t sure you’re doing it “right”, come join me for Guided Meditation. Love donation of $5! Pre registration is required, so call me 7177799382 to hold your spot. Make sure you bring your yoga mat, a blanket, and/or a pillow generally whatever is going to help make you comfortable. 

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