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Results of Postpartum and Thyroid Testing

Posted on January 10, 2015 Results of Postpartum and Thyroid Testing

I knew this winter was a time for me to really slow down and take stock of where I am and where I'm going. And I have. Very much so. We moved out of our home that we lived in for the past 10 years, getting real about RV living (a dream of both of ours for a long time) and all the while my mood and physical health continued to plummet. I wondered if I could continue to care for my son the way I wanted to (and he needed me to), and I reached one of my lowest points in many years. As a coach whose job it is to help others with ALL my senses, it was really scary not being sure at times how I'd continue doing what I do. But I found with each session that I am still an open vessel for my clients and what needed to be communicated to me by my guides was heard loud and clear by me and I expressed it. Each session was proof that I could still help others even though I was struggling.

In the meantime, I scored high for postpartum depression (apparently it's just a quiz that is taken) and given orders to have my thyroid function checked. That said, I'm starting to wonder if PPD is really just low thyroid at least for some. Did you know low thyroid can cause depression and anxiety attacks? Its even possible to fluctuate between hypo and hyper thyroid levels making it hard to tell which one is causing problems. I am experiencing symptoms of both.

I am not one to take prescription medications and synthetic drugs, and I don't have hundreds of dollars to get a proper blood panel for my thyroid levels. If I go through regular channels and go to a blood lab to satisfy the order the nurse practitioner gave me for getting my levels checked, I will only be given a partial picture. Without getting too detailed, there are many layers of testing that must be checked for thyroid, but most doctors/practitioners only check one, TSH. I managed to convince mine to check for 3 functions:TSH, Total T4 and Total T3. With all that in mind, I've decided to treat for thyroid imbalance without getting tested. This is not necessarily what I'd advise for others, but based on where I am right now and my symptoms I feel comfortable giving my body the natural supplementation to support my thyroid and adrenals and see how I feel over the coming weeks. I am working with another coach because I'm not so naive to think I might not miss something.It's easier to see other people's issues clearly compared to our own. Coaches need coaching too! We all need help at times, and there is no shame in asking or admitting to it.

I am excited for the first time in months for what is to come! I am excited to heal another layer and become even more myself. I can see where I am meant to go and it's bigger than I ever allowed myself to imagine. I believe we attract into our life those who are going to help us or can help us on the current leg of our journey. I also believe, as healers, the health problems we experience help us to help others. I can tell I am going deeper. Deeper with my knowledge, deeper connection to spirit, and deeper connection to the world at large and all the creatures in it.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey, as you are a part of mine. Happy new year and happy healing. More to come soon! 


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