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Joanna Rose Health and Wellness


Dear beautiful soul, 

Are you feeling sick and tired….again? You left the abusive relationship/marriage/family and yet you still feel stuck. You are not taking care of yourself the way you want to be and your life and health reflects it. How is NOW going to be different? 

Together, we will work on a self care plan where YOU are the focus. That is not selfish, but necessary for thriving. I will work closely with you to give you the support you need over a period of time that creates REAL CHANGE. We will address underlying issues of shame, embarrassment, self worth, judgement, and replace it with self love, acceptance, nurturing, and positivity. We will use a mind, body, spirit approach and will fill your self care tool kit with approaches to change your thinking, nutrition education specific to your body, chakra cleansing exercises, and much much more!

Are you ready for a big dose of Radical Self Love?

If you’re thinking, YES! I am ready to start making changes that lead me to healthy happy living then my program is just for you!!

Say Yes to:

* Increasing your energy 
* No more joint pain and inflammation
* Understanding and reducing your cravings
* Incorporating physical activity in a way that’s fun and exciting
* Setting, accomplishing and maintaining your wellness goals in ways that are new and empowering
* Feeling great in your body
* Improving personal relationships
* Discovering the confidence to create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Together, we can explore concerns specific to you and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. Could one conversation change your life?

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