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Joanna Rose Health and Wellness

Events, Hours & Location

New Health Coach Group to begin 

This is a group formed to meet via Zoom (unless we otherwise agree to meet in person) for 6 months, twice monthly, to crush health and wellness goals whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual (or all 4). 
We will meet via zoom 2 times per month from 6pm-9pm. All meetings will be on a Thursday evening and the dates will be agreed upon ahead of time.

During each zoom meet up I will lead a guided meditation and group energy session. We will do an activity together, share, and support one another to reach the goals we create during our first meet. 
During this 6 month period you will have the support of the group and myself as your health coach between group meets. 
Spots available: 6
Cost is $30/ meet up or $60/month.
Sign up by texting or calling Joanna Rose at 717-779-9382
*Please do not allow money to be a factor in not participating. Reach out and let me know your circumstances. I am inspired to "scholarship" folks in and/or create a way to help that is affordable to all. I've even had clients in past "pay it forward" for others, so you never know. 

Located in a Private Space 

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday evenings by appointment only. At my space In Baltimore, MD 21214 or yours.