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Day 144 of gratitude and Young Living

I'm grateful for finding Young Living in my quest to find the best essential oils for myself and my family.  I'm grateful that while they may be a corporation (not usually my cup of tea), they treat me like I'm family. All. The. Time. 

This particular time, they sent out oils in my Essential Rewards order before I'd had a chance to update it to reflect new choices for the month. Not only did they credit me back the funds, but they also asked me to keep the oils they sent in error as a token of their sincerest apologies for the mix up (longer story to it than what I posted here, but bottom line is they are awesome!!). 

One of the oils I received, Norther Lights Black Spruce, happens to be the oil of the month!!!!
Check it out:

What I got for FREE:

I have read these can be used to help support finding purpose and harmony (chamomile) and to help ground (spruce). I'm excited to start working these into my self care and on my clients! 

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